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Installing Adobe Flash Player






Download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player







Most online games require Adobe Flash Player. You can download the latest version of this free browser plug-in at








  • Note: Microsoft does not assure the security or the reliability of solutions from companies other than the Microsoft group of companies.






Verify Adobe Flash Player is correctly installed







Perform the following steps to verify Adobe Flash Player is correctly installed.








Step 1








Go to








Step 2








If Adobe Flash Player is correctly installed, a confirmation banner displays.















Step 3








If the banner does not display, uninstall Adobe Flash Player, and then reinstall it from

On a PC running a Windows operating system, access the Control Panel from the Start Menu, and then click Uninstall a program.

For Mac operating systems, visit the Adobe Flash Uninstaller support site. Click the Macintosh option button to receive links to troubleshooting tips. Note that you can also access Adobe Flash Uninstaller troubleshooting tips for Windows systems from here by clicking the Windows option button.










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