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Enable Cookies in Internet Explorer






Enable Cookies







Sign in and other services require cookies to be enabled. To enable cookies in Internet Explorer, follow the steps below.












Step 1








Close all Internet Explorer browser windows.








Step 2








Click Start and then Control Panel.

If Control Panel is empty, click View all Control Panel Options in the left navigation bar to show all icons.








Step 3








Double-click Internet Options. You may need to click the Network and Internet Connections icon before clicking Internet Options.








Step 4








Click the Privacy tab in the Internet Options window and click Advanced.















Step 5








If “Override automatic cookie handling” is checked, click once in the check box to uncheck this setting. Click OK.















Step 6








Now on the Privacy tab, click Default, which should lower the setting to Medium, and then click Apply. If this option is not available, skip to the next step.















Step 7








On the Privacy tab, click Sites.








Step 8








If any of the following sites are listed as blocked, click to highlight the site and click Remove. (See image below). Click OK to close this window once the sites have been removed.























































Step 9








Click the General tab in Internet Options.












Step 10








In the "Browsing history" section on the General tab, click Delete.















Step 11








In the Delete Browsing History Windows, check the following:

Temporary Internet Files















Step 12








Click Delete.








Step 13








Close Internet Options.












Step 14








Restart Internet Explorer and try again.














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