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Playing Cards



In the new multiplayer card games, there are three different ways to play cards:

1. Click on the card, then click the Play button.

2. Click-and-hold the card, drag it onto the table, then release the mouse button.

3. Double-click the card you want to play.


Common Questions



• The chat window is greyed-out and I can't chat with other players.

Often, if the chat window seems to not be available, it means there is another multiplayer game window open on your device. Only one chat interface will work at a time, so making sure to close all multiplayer-game windows when you're done playing is critical.

If you find the chat window isn't working, close all open multiplayer-game windows then launch the game you want to play again. When you aren’t planning to play any more games, make sure you either click Return to games in the player window, or close the window completely.

• My name is showing as "GUEST" and a bunch of random characters.

Players not signed in to a Microsoft Account (MSA) are assigned a guest name by default. Try closing the window, Sign out and back in on the MSN Games page, then launch the game again.


• I'd like to hide another player's image.

If for any reason you don't want to see a player's image (it's distracting, you find it objectionable, etc.), you can hide that user’s image at any time. Hover your mouse over the player's image, then click the X that appears in the upper-right corner. (You can bring it back by doing the same again.)


• I'd rather choose a game rather than playing in the one I'm placed in when I start the game.

In most of the MSN Games multiplayer-titles, you can click Exit to Lobby as soon as the screen loads, rather than joining the first game. From there, you can join another table or start a new one.

In some titles, like Wahoo: The Marble Game, you can click See the next table to go through the other open tables to find one you want to join.


Microsoft Account (MSA) Information



How to update your account information.

All Microsoft Account Information is controlled through your account page. To update that information:


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