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Windows Vista™ FAQ








MSN Games System Requirement List








Ports to open for MSN Games








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Nothing happens after clicking “Play Now”










In game errors







Cannot connect to game








"Flash8.ocx" or “Flash9.ocx” errors








"Page not found" error








"All Players Have Left the Game" error








"General error"








Game moves between players are take a long time (latency)
















Macromedia® Flash Player help








Bankshot Billiards™: “Reset display settings” error








Bankshot Billiards™: Game freezes in “Vs. Computer” mode

















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Glossary for Ratings and Statistics








How games are rated








Scores and ratings are not reported






Disruptive players







Options for handling a disruptive player








Prevent a player from stalling








Your responsibility - Upholding the MSN Games Code of Conduct










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