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“Try re-launching your game” error






Open ports







Players with computer systems accessing the Internet through a proxy server or firewall will need to open certain ports in order to play a game. For more information, view the following support article:












Open ports










Internet delays (latency or lag)







Internet delays may also cause the game play to slow. If you encounter issues with latency, view the support articles below to learn how to reduce latency with your computer systems.












Disable automatic-disconnect settings in your Web browser












Dial-up connection (Narrowband) – Reduce delays (latency or lag) in your Internet connection












Broadband (cable, DSL, satellite) or Network connection* –Reduce delays (latency or lag) in your Internet connection












*Network connections include most work, school, and public computers and LAN (Local Area Network) connections on home systems.










Bankshot Billiards graphics issue







Bankshot Billiards™ will only play in 16-bit or 32-bit color. To learn how to adjust your display settings follow view the following support article.












Bankshot Billiards™ graphics requirements










Play on MSN Games at a later time







If this problem persists, MSN Games may be experiencing server issues. Try playing on MSN Games at a later time to see if the issue is resolved.

If the issue persists, you may choose to notify us of the problem.












Contact MSN Games customer support


















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