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Connection issues






Open ports







Players with computer systems accessing the Internet through a proxy server or firewall will need to open certain ports in order to play a game. For more information, view the following support article:












Open ports










Turn off Internet accelerators







Important note for Dial-up users:  If you are using an accelerator program to improve the speed of your connection, you may not be able to play on our site. You will need to disable this feature or set the program to use no acceleration if you cannot load a game.










Enable browser settings for game software







The game software requires certain settings need to be enabled in Internet options, including cookies and ActiveX controls. To enable these settings, follow the steps below.












Step 1








Click Start, point to Settings, and click Control Panel. In Windows XP, click Start and then Control Panel.

If the Control Panel window is empty, click View all Control Panel Options in the left section of the window to show all the icons.












Step 2








Double-click Internet Options. In Windows XP, you may need to click the Network and Internet Connections icon before clicking Internet Options.








Step 3








Click the Security tab.








Step 4








In the “Security level for this zone” section, click Custom Level to open Security Settings.








Step 5








In the “Reset custom setting” section, change the “Reset to” option to Medium or Medium-low.








Step 6








Click Reset.








Step 7








Click OK to close the Security Settings window.








Step 8








Click the Privacy tab in Internet Options.












Step 9








Click Advanced.












Step 10








If “Override automatic cookie handling” is checked, click once in the check box to uncheck this setting.












Step 11








Click OK.












Step 12








Now on the Privacy tab, click Default Level and lower the slider to Medium, Low, or Accept All Cookies in the Settings section.
















Click Apply.








Step 14








In the Web Sites section of the Privacy, click Edit.












Step 15








If you do not see a Web Sites section, click the Security tab. In the “Select a Web content zone to specify security settings,” click the Restricted Sites icon and then Sites.












Step 16








Under Managed Web sites, locate the “zone.msn.com,” “msn.com,” or “zone.com” domain. Highlight the site and click Remove. Repeat this step for “live.com” and “passport.net.”












Step 17








Once these sites are removed or if this box is empty, click OK.












Step 18








Click the General tab in Internet Options.
















In Temporary Internet Files, click Delete Cookies and then OK.








Step 20








Next, click Delete Files and then OK.












Step 21








Click OK to close Internet Options.












Step 22








Go to http://games.msn.com












Step 23








Now try playing the game again.










Internet delays (latency or lag)







The configuration of your modem or Internet delays may keep a game from connecting. If you encounter issues with latency, view the support articles below to learn how to reduce latency with your computer systems.












Disable automatic-disconnect settings in your Web browser












Dial-up connection (Narrowband) – Reduce delays (latency or lag) in your Internet connection












Broadband (cable, DSL, satellite) or Network connection* –Reduce delays (latency or lag) in your Internet connection












*Network connections include most work, school, and public computers and LAN (Local Area Network) connections on home systems.










Uninstall game software







The game software may have become corrupt. Try uninstalling the software by following the steps in this support article. The software will automatically reinstall next time you play the game.












Uninstall game software













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