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“How do I uninstall MSN Game files that were loaded by Classic Card and Board multiplayer games, Ants, or “CD-ROM Required” games?”







MSN Games retired its Classic multiplayer match-making system on June 19, 2006. If you need to remove the game software from your system, follow the instructions below.








Step 1








Click Start, point to Settings, and click Control Panel.  In Windows XP, just click Start and then Control Panel.  If the Control Panel window is empty, click View all Control Panel Options in the left section of the window to show all the Control Panel icons.








Step 2








Click Add/Remove Programs.








Step 3








Click MSN Gaming Zone in the list that is displayed and then click Change/Remove.








Step 4








The MSN Gaming Zone uninstaller window will appear, click OK to uninstall game files.








Step 5








Once the game files are removed, click OK to close the uninstaller dialog box.








Step 6








Click on My Computer. In Windows XP, click Start and then My Computer.








Step 7








Double click Local Disk (C:) and click on the Program Files folder.








Step 8








If you have Windows 2000, right click on the MSN Gaming Zone folder and choose Delete.

If you have Windows XP, there are additional game files in this folder for Windows Internet Games which come preinstalled with your computer system. Double click the MSN Gaming Zone folder and delete any folders except the Windows folder, which contains these game files. If you want to uninstall these files, click the link below to learn how.








Uninstall Windows Internet Games

















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