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When I click on a room, the following errors occur:






·         “Unable to launch room. Please close your browser and try again”






·         “Unspecified error”






New system requirements for Bridge







Bridge is now only compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista™. If you are using Windows 98, Windows ME, or Windows 2000, unfortunately, you will not be able to play this game.

Additionally, you must be logged in with an account that has Administrator rights to install Bridge software.






Use Internet Explorer or MSN Explorer







MSN Games is only compatible with Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher or MSN Explorer 9.0 or higher and cannot be viewed with other browsers like AOL Browser, Netscape Navigator, or Mozilla Firefox.








To open Internet Explorer, click Start, All Programs, and then Internet Explorer.






Uninstall and reinstall game files







This issue can occur if game files have become corrupt. Follow the steps below to remove and reinstall all files.








Step 1








Close all windows and open programs.








Step 2








Click Start and click Control Panel. If the Control Panel window is empty, click View all Control Panel Options in the left section of the window to show all the Control Panel icons.








Step 3








Click Add/Remove Programs or Uninstall a program.








Step 4








Remove MSN Gaming Zone by locating it in the program list and then clicking Change/Remove or Uninstall.








Step 5








Double-click Internet Options. You may need to click the Network and Internet Connections icon before clicking Internet Options.








Step 6








On the General tab in the “Temporary Internet files” section, click Delete Files to empty these files.

If you have installed Windows Vista or Internet Explorer 7.0, click Delete in the Browsing History section and then Delete Files.








Step 7








Next, click Delete Cookies and then OK. Close Browsing History if you are using Internet Explorer 7.0.








Step 8








In the same section, click Settings.








Step 8








Under "Check for newer versions of stored pages," click Every visit to the page and then Apply.








Step 9








Next, click View Objects to open the Downloaded Program Files folder








Step 10








Click to highlight MSN Games – Installer.








Step 11








On the File menu, click Remove Program File. When you are prompted to confirm the removal of the program file, click Yes.








Step 12








Repeat this step in remove Bridge Installer or HeartbeatCtl Class file.








Step 13








You may also have one of the following class IDs installed. You will also need to remove any of these files. Locate each of the below object files and click to highlight the file. Follow Step 7 to remove these files.










Step 14








Close the Downloaded Program Files folder.








Step 15








Close Internet Options.








Step 16








On the Start menu, click Run.

In Windows Vista, if you do not see this option, right click on the Taskbar and click Properties. Click the Start menu tab and then Customize. Scroll to the Run Command check box and click it to check this option. Click OK to accept this change.








Step 17








In the Open box, type: TEMP








Step 18








The Windows Temp folder should now be open. On the Edit menu, click Select All.








Step 19








On the File menu, click Delete and delete all the files in this folder. If prompted, click Yes or Yes to all to remove these files.








Step 20








Close the Windows Temp folder.








Step 21








Reboot your computer system.








Step 22








Go to the Bridge site and install game files again.






Check your system’s firewall and port settings







If you continue to receive these error messages after reinstalling the Bridge software, your firewall or proxy may not be configured correctly.








Step 1








Check to make sure you have the correct ports open in your firewall. Ports required to for MSN Games and Bridge are listed in this support article:








Open ports in your firewall or proxy








Step 2








If you changed your proxy, make sure you close all browser windows and then open a new browser window to load your new proxy.








Step 3








If you are using a firewall or Internet security software, be sure to add the following files to that software’s exception list:


This files are located in the C:\Program Files\MSN Gaming Zone folder.

For assistance with this process, please contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).






Reset Internet Options







If your firewall and Internet security software is configured correctly, then check your browser security settings.












Step 1








Close all windows and programs. (These settings will not take affect if you have browser windows open.)








Step 2








Open Control Panel and Internet Options again.








Step 3












Click the Security tab.












Step 4








In the” Security level for this zone” section, click Custom Level to open Security Settings.












Step 5








In the “Reset custom setting” section, change the “Reset to” option to Medium or Medium-low. If this option is already selected skip to Step 6.












Step 6








Click Reset regardless of what setting has been selected. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.












Step 7








Click OK to close the Security Settings window.












Step 8








On the Security Settings tab, click Restricted sites and click Sites.












Step 9








Under Web sites, locate the “zone.msn.com,” “msn.com,” or “zone.com” domain. Highlight the site and click Remove.  Repeat this step for “passport.net” and “live.com.”












Step 10








Once these sites are removed, click OK.












Step 11








Close Internet Options.












Step 12








Try playing the game again.










Check your Internet connection







Another common cause of this problem is connection issues between MSN Games and your computer system. Internet delays may increase the time a game takes to load, or cause MSN Games to lose its connection to your computer so a game does not load at all. (If your system disconnects from the Internet, the “loading” message may still remain on your screen.) To learn how to reduce delays in your Internet connection, click the option for your connection type:








Reduce delays (latency or lag) in your Internet connection for a dial-up modem (narrowband).












Reduce delays (latency or lag) in your Internet connection for broadband (cable, DSL, satellite) or network connection.*












*Network connections include most work, school, and public computers and LAN (Local Area Network) connections on home systems.










Try playing in a different game room or lobby







If the game room has a large population, it may be full. Try playing in another room.

If the game room is empty or has just a few players, there maybe an issue with the room itself. See if you can enter a different game room. If you are able to access the other room, please notify MSN Games about the problem game room, so we may investigate it.






Play on MSN Games at a later time







If this problem persists or you cannot enter any game room, MSN Games may be experiencing server issues. Try playing on MSN Games at a later time to see if the issue is resolved.