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Cancel Games Discount Program Membership







Welcome MSN Games Discount Program member! We are sorry that you have decided to cancel your membership. This help page contains information on how to cancel your membership.








If you require account or billing support, contact our PC Download partner Iplay.








                        Contact MSN Games Discount Program Support








To learn about the terms of the MSN Games Discount Program read this help article.








                        MSN Games Discount Program FAQ







How do I cancel my membership?








Click the link below to cancel your MSN Games Discount Program membership. You may be prompted to log on to your Microsoft Account. If your minimum membership commitment has been satisfied, you will not be charged further. Any remaining free game credits in your account must be redeemed within 60 days of the date they were awarded, or these credits will expire.








If you have not satisfied your minimum membership commitment, the membership fee for any remaining months will be immediately charged to your credit card. Your account status, the number of months remaining on your membership, and any charges that will be made to your credit card upon canceling your account, will be displayed on the page prior to cancelation.








                        Cancel your MSN Games Program Membership







Can I cancel my membership before the commitment period is complete?








You may cancel your MSN Games Discount Program membership at any time.








Each MSN Games Discount Program membership requires a term commitment of some months. If you cancel your membership before the end of your minimum membership commitment, your credit card will be immediately charged in the amount of your unfulfilled obligation.








After canceling your membership, you will have 60 days to redeem your remaining free download game credits before they expire.







Will I lose my MSN Games Account and Nickname if I cancel?








Your Nickname, scores and Badges associated with your MSN Games Account are not affected when you cancel your MSN Games Discount Program membership.







Will my MSN Games Discount Program membership end if I do not cancel after my commitment is complete?








Your MSN Games Discount Program membership continues until you cancel your membership. Your membership does not end automatically when the monthly commitment has been met. You will continue to be charged the applicable monthly membership fee and receive one free game credit each month, and you may continue to take advantage of your discount membership purchase price for all other games regularly priced $19.95 or less.







Can I keep my games after my canceling my membership?








All PC Download games redeemed or purchased as an MSN Games Discount Program member are yours to keep! When your membership ends, or if you decide to cancel your membership, you can still play all the games that you have downloaded while a member.







Can I purchase games at a discount price after canceling my membership?








The discount price is only available to current MSN Games Discount Program members.