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“Enable Internet browser options to play the game”






Reset security settings and clear cache








MSN Games requires that you enable certain Internet browser options in order to view the site or play games. If these options are disabled on your system, one or more of the following events may occur:








·         A game may not download or open




·         An ActiveX, JavaScript, or “missing component” error message may occur




·         A web page may not display correctly.








Please follow these steps to resolve the problem.

Important note: Do not skip any of these steps, regardless of your current settings or previous steps you have taken, or the issue may not be corrected.








Step 1








In Internet Explorer, click Tools and then Internet Options.












Step 2








Click the Security tab.








Step 3








In the “Security level for this zone” section, click Custom Level to open Security Settings.








Step 4








In the “Reset custom setting” section, change the “Reset to” option to Medium or Medium-low.








Step 5








Click Reset.








Step 6








Click OK to close the Security Settings window.








Step 7








Click Apply.








Step 8








In the “Select a Web content zone to specify security settings,” click the Restricted Sites icon and then Sites.












Step 9








Under Managed Web sites, locate the “zone.msn.com,” “msn.com,” or “zone.com” domain. Highlight the site and click Remove. Repeat this step for “live.com” and “passport.net.”












Step 10








Once these sites are removed or if this box is empty, click OK.












Step 11








Click the General tab in Internet Options.
















On Windows 2000 and Windows XP with Internet Explorer 6.0, click Delete Cookies in Temporary Internet Files and then OK.

On Windows XP with Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher or Windows Vista, click Browsing History, Delete Cookies, and then OK.








Step 13








Next, click Delete Files and then OK.












Step 14








Click OK to close Internet Options and then close all open browser windows.












Step 15








Open Internet Explorer and try playing the game again.





















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