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“A Macromedia® Shockwave Player game will not load at all or loads to a black or white page”






Make sure your system meets the minimum game requirements







In addition to MSN Games system requirements, Macromedia Shockwave Player games have additional system requirements that your system needs to play these games.








·          Microsoft Internet Explorer version:  5.5 with Service Pack 2 or 6 with Service Pack 1




·          Windows 2000:  Pentium III, 128MB RAM




·          Windows XP:  Pentium III, 128MB RAM






Give the game time to load







Some MSN Games may take time to load due to the size of the game file. The wait time can be several minutes, or more for users with slower connections like dial-up accounts. Wait a few minutes to see if the game is still loading.








If the game takes an extremely long time to connect, close all windows and try the game again.






Install or update Macromedia Shockwave Player







This game is designed to be viewed with Macromedia Shockwave Player, an Internet browser plug-in. A prompt to install this software appears the first time you attempted to play a game. If for some reason the plug-in did not install or if it had become corrupt, you must install the plug-in directly from Macromedia’s website. If you are unable to install this plug-in during your first attempt to play a game, follow the steps below to update your current version of Macromedia Shockwave Player.








Step 1








Close any programs you have open on your computer.








Step 2








Log on to the Internet.








Step 3








Go to http://www.adobe.com/downloads/ and click Macromedia Shockwave Player.








Step 4








Click Install Now and follow the online directions to install the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player.








If after installing the Macromedia Shockwave Player you still experience problems, it is likely that some settings or preferences for your Internet connection are preventing the game from loading properly. Follow the instructions below to optimize your preferences.






Verify Macromedia Shockwave Player is working on your system







You can check to see if Macromedia Shockwave Player is working properly on your system. Click the link below to open the Macromedia Shockwave Player test page. Under “Macromedia Shockwave Player,” you should see a Macromedia Shockwave Player ad verifying the player is installed correctly.
















If your player is not working correctly (you will not see this ad), please go to the Macromedia Shockwave Player support pages for assistance.














Close all open programs








MSN Games using Macromedia Shockwave Player can load slowly if your system’s resources are being used by other programs. To learn how to disable any open programs on your system, click:








Disable programs currently running on your system








Once you close these programs, restart your Internet connection and keep your Web browser windows to a minimum. Now try playing the game again.






Enable Internet browser options to play the game








Most commonly, a game will not load if required Internet browser settings have become disabled. The quickest way to enable these Internet settings is to reset your computer system’s Security Settings to the default system settings. To learn how to reset your computer system’s Security Settings, just click:








Enable Internet browser options to play the game






Empty Temporary Internet Files








Windows temporarily stores (caches) Internet files on your system in the Temporary Internet Files folder. If this folder is full or files within it become corrupted, the game may have problems loading. Periodically emptying this folder can improve the performance of your Internet browser. To learn how to empty the Internet cache, click:








Empty Windows Temporary Internet Files






Check your system for anti-virus and Internet security software








Check your system for anti-virus software or Internet security software, including anti-pop-up software, and try disabling this software. These types of software have been known to cause a “Web Page Error” or prevent a game using Macromedia Shockwave Player from loading at all. To learn how to check your system for this software and to disable it, click:








Disable programs currently running on your system

















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