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Game Crashes, Errors in Game or Exclamation Mark Error







If a free online single player game running on Adobe Flash Player crashes, if there are errors in the game, or if the game screen displays the Exclamation Mark error (shown below), follow the steps on this page to resolve the error.







Check the Game Software








The Exclamation Mark error is specific to games running on Adobe Flash Player. If you receive the Exclamation Mark error, go to the next step on this page.












                        Adobe Flash Player Exclamation Mark Error








If you are not sure whether the game runs on Adobe Flash Player, check these lists of games running on Java or ActiveX software.








                        Java Games








                        ActiveX Games








All free online single player games not listed on the Java Games or ActiveX Games pages run on Adobe Flash Player.







Update to the latest Adobe Flash Player








Go to the link below to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. After beginning the download, follow the online instructions to complete installation.








                        Get the latest Adobe Flash Player







Test Adobe Flash Player








After updating Adobe Flash Player, test that the installation completed correctly. Go to the link below then click on Test your Adobe Flash Player installation. If you can see the animation playing, it means that Adobe Flash Player installed correctly.








                        Test Adobe Flash Player







Close other Browser Windows and Programs








When you try playing free online single player games at MSN Games, close all other Internet browser windows, and close any programs not in use. Adobe Flash Player may fail if other high-demand applications are running at the same time, including games, streaming content and video players, and security scans.







Reset Internet Security Settings and Clear Cache








After updating and testing Adobe Flash Player, reset Internet Explorer Security Setting and clear your Internet Cache and Cookies.








1. Close any programs that connect to the Internet, including Internet Explorer or other Internet browsers and any email program.








2. Go to Start > Control Panel > Internet Options.








3. Go to the Security Tab, the click the Custom Level button.








4. Under Reset custom setting, select Medium or Medium-low from the drop-down menu.















5. Click the Reset button.








6. Click OK.








7. Go to the Privacy Tab, then click the Advanced button.








8. If Override automatic cookie handling is checked, uncheck this box.








9. Click OK.








10. Go to the General Tab, then click the Delete button.








11. Check Temporary Internet files and Cookies. Uncheck all other boxes.















12. Click the Delete button. Wait for all files to delete.








13. Click OK to close Internet Options.








14. Open Internet Explorer, go to MSN Games and sign in to your MSN Games account. You are ready to start playing your games!