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“No sound in game”






Check your speakers







If you have speakers, make sure the speaker wires are plugged in or attached to the computer and the power source is plugged in. Also, check to see if the speakers are turned on and the volume is turned up.








If you are playing games on a laptop computer, check to see if your speaker volume is turned up. You should have some type of speaker controller on your system. For details, check the computer’s owner’s manual.






Check the sound volume







If the sound is turned down or a mute option enabled on your computer’s sound card, you may not hear any sound in a game. To enable sound and check the sound volume, follow these steps.








Step 1








Click with the right mouse button on the speaker icon in the system tray and a pop-up menu will appear.








Step 2








Click Open Volume Controls to open the Volume Control window.








Step 3








If any Mute options are checked, uncheck them.








Step 4








If the volume is low for any of the options, turn it up by clicking on the slider bar and dragging it upwards.








Step 5








Once the volume is turned up, close the Volume Control window.








Step 6








Try the game again.






Restart your computer system







Occasionally, the computer’s sound card may not initialize properly or another program may be using the sound card. Restart your computer to reinitialize the sound card.








Step 1








Click Start, then Shutdown.








Step 2








Select the Restart option and click OK.








Step 3








Once the computer restarts, try the game again.






Close programs







If you still do not hear any sound in the game, another program may be using the sound card. Turn off these programs, by clicking:








Disable programs currently running on your system








Once you have turned off these programs, try the game again.






Adjust the hardware acceleration for the sound card







If you continue to have problems with your computer’s sound, try adjusting the hardware acceleration for the sound card, which may improve performance. To change the hardware acceleration on your sound card, follow the steps below.








Step 1








Click Start, point to Settings, and click Control Panel. In Windows XP, just click Start and then Control Panel. If the Control Panel window is empty, click View all Control Panel Options in the left section of the window to show all the icons.








Step 2








Double-click Multimedia, Sounds and Multimedia, or Sounds and Audio Devices. In Microsoft Windows XP, you may need to click the Network and Internet Connections icon before clicking Internet Options.








Step 3








Click the Audio tab.








Step 4








Click Advanced in the Sound Playback section.








Step 5








In the Hardware acceleration section, move the slider with your left mouse button one notch to the right of Full.








Step 6








Click Apply and OK.








Step 7








Close all windows and try the game again.








Step 8








If you still do not hear sound in the game, repeat this process and lower the hardware acceleration again. If necessary, try lowering the acceleration to None.           






Update the sound card drivers







Many sound-related issues can be resolved by updating the drivers for your computer system’s sound card. These sound card driver updates also improve a computer’s overall performance. To obtain the latest drivers available for your sound card, contact your computer manufacturer or sound card manufacturer.








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