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“Guest” Still Displays After Signing In







If you have an MSN Games Account and have signed in, but you still see “Guest” displayed instead of your Nickname, follow the steps on this page.







Create a new MSN Games Nickname








If you have an MSN Games Account but have never created a Nickname, go to this page to create your Nickname today! (You must be signed in to your MSN Games Account to create your Nickname.)








                        Create a new MSN Games Nickname







Clear Internet Cache and Cookies








If you already have an MSN Games Nickname but “Guest” still displays after signing in, cached Internet files may be interfering with normal site behavior. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue.








1. Sign out of your Microsoft Account.








2. Close any programs that connect to the Internet, including Internet Explorer or other Internet browsers and any email program.








3. Go to Start > Control Panel > Internet Options.








4. Go to the Privacy Tab, then click the Advanced button.








5. If Override automatic cookie handling is checked, uncheck this box.








6. Click OK.








7. Go to the General Tab, then click the Delete button.








8. Check Temporary Internet files and Cookies. Uncheck all other boxes.















9. Click the Delete button. Wait for all files to delete.








10. Go to the Advanced Tab.








11. On the Advanced Tab, scroll down in the Settings box until you see Use SSL 2.0 and Use SSL 3.0 (items in the Settings box are listed in alphabetical order).















12. If Use SSL 2.0 and Use SSL 3.0 are unchecked, check these boxes.








13. Click OK.








14. Open Internet Explorer and go to MSN Games . Sign in using the link at MSN Games. Once you are signed in, your Nickname should display.