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Authentication Error







If you receive the Authentication Error on the MSN Games site or when trying to play a game, it means that a system setting or cached Internet file is preventing normal site behavior. To resolve this issue, follow the steps on this page.







Check the System Clock








The Authentication Error is most often received because the System Clock is set to the wrong time or date. To set the System Clock to the correct time and date, take these steps.








1. Go to Control Panel > Date and Time.








2. This displays the System Clock. If the System Clock is incorrect, click the Change date and time… button, then set the current date and time. If any changes are made, then click OK.








3. Check that the Time Zone is correct. If the Time Zone is incorrect, click the Change time zone button, then select the current Time Zone. If any changes are made, then click OK.








4. Click OK to close the Date and Time window.








5. Open Internet Explorer, go to MSN Games and start playing your games!







Clear Internet Cache and Cookies








If you continue to receive the Authentication Error after correcting your System Clock, follow the steps below.








1. Close any programs that connect to the Internet, including Internet Explorer or other Internet browsers and any email program.








2. Go to Start > Control Panel > Internet Options.








3. Go to the Privacy Tab, then click the Advanced button.








4. If Override automatic cookie handling is checked, uncheck this box.








5. Click OK.








6. Go to the General Tab, then click the Delete button.








7. Check Temporary Internet files and Cookies. Uncheck all other boxes.















8. Click the Delete button. Wait for all files to delete.








9. Click OK to close Internet Options.








10. Open Internet Explorer, go to MSN Games and sign in to your MSN Games account. You are ready to start playing your games!







Using a Limited or Defunct Windows LIVE Account








MSN Games requires use of a Microsoft Account for sign in and access to games and features. If you are using an older sign in account which is no longer, such as a Windows LIVE Account with parental restrictions, you will not be able to play on MSN Games. To learn how to get a free and secure Microsoft Account that you can use to play on MSN Games, see this help page.








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