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MSN Games Account







There’s always something happening on MSN Games! Players from around the world go to MSN Games to play their favorite games, learn about new releases, and chat with friends. Get your own free MSN Games Account and join the fun today!












MSN Games Account Benefits









FREE access to ALL our online single player and multiplayer games!*










Use Chat in multiplayer games to meet other Players and make new friends!










Win digital Collectible Badges by playing our free single player games!










Create a unique Nickname for your MSN Games Account!










Sign in to your MSN Games Account and play free online from anywhere!










*Must meet MSN Games System Requirements to play all games.

















Get an MSN Games Account








To get an MSN Games Account you need a Microsoft Account. Your Microsoft account is the combination of an email address and a password that you use to sign in to services such as the following.
































MSN Music








Windows Phone


MSN Money






























If you already have a Microsoft Account, just use the Sign In link at the top right of the page to sign in to your MSN Games Account!















Once you are signed in to your MSN Games Account, create a new Nickname by following the steps on this help page.








                        Create a new MSN Games Nickname







Get a Microsoft Account








A Microsoft Account is an is a free and secure sign in for all your favorite Microsoft sites and services, including MSN Games, Outlook.com, Hotmail, Xbox LIVE, Zune, and more. Get your Microsoft Account today!







                        Create a Microsoft Account







Cancel your MSN Games Account








Your MSN Games Account is part of your Microsoft Account. Canceling your Microsoft Account may impact other Microsoft or MSN.com services you use. MSN Games periodically removes Ratings or Nicknames on inactive accounts, so if you do not sign in and play on MSN Games your MSN Games Account information will be reset automatically.








If you want to permanently close your Microsoft Account, go to Microsoft Account Support. Note that canceling your Microsoft Account will delete your account information, including your ID and password, your registered information, and your contacts. After you delete an Account, you can't use that Microsoft Account anymore to sign in to Microsoft products and services.