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My Single Player Game Won’t Load




Reset Internet Security Settings and Clear Cache








To reset Security Settings in Internet Explorer to play free online single player games on MSN Games:








1. Close any programs that connect to the Internet, including Internet Explorer or other Internet browsers and any email program.








2. Go to Start > Control Panel > Internet Options.








3. Go to the Security Tab, then click the Custom Level button.








4. Under Reset custom setting, select a Medium level from the drop-down menu.








Security settings








5. Click the Reset button.








6. Click OK.








7. Go to the Privacy Tab, and then click the Advanced button.








8. If Override automatic cookie handling is checked, uncheck this box.








9. Click OK.








10. Go to the General Tab, then click the Delete button.








11. Check Temporary Internet files and Cookies. Uncheck all other boxes.















12. Click the Delete button. Wait for all files to delete.








13. Click OK to close Internet Options.








14. Open Internet Explorer, go to the game page on MSN Games and click the Play Now button. You are ready to play your game!






Add Page to Compatibility View






Setting the webpage on Internet Explorer to Compatibility View may allow you to load multiplayer games.

Note: these instructions are for Internet Explorer 10. For special help on earlier versions of Internet Explorer, see Microsoft Support.







1. Go to the multiplayer game page, for example Spades.







2. On the Internet Explorer Menu Bar, click on Tools , then click Compatibility View settings.







Menu screenshot







3. If the Menu Bar is not visible, make the Command Bar visible to adjust this setting. Right-click on the Settings Icon (the Gear), then left-click Command Bar, then click Tools drop-down > Compatibility View.







Compatibility view







4. In the Compatibility View Settings window, Add and to the Websites list.







Compatibility view settings







5. Click Close to close the window and apply these changes. From your game page, click the Play Now button to start your game.