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MSN Games on Windows 8







MSN Games is fully supported on Windows 8 on your PC. For the best play experience use Windows 8 with the latest version of Internet Explorer.








                        Download the latest Internet Explorer








To play MSN Games on a Windows 8 computer, open Internet Explorer from the Start Screen or Desktop, then go to MSN Games.








To set Internet Explorer as your default browser in Windows 8, take these steps:








1. Go to the Quick Menu.








2. Go to Settings.








3. Go to Control Panel.








4. Go to Program > Default Programs.








5. Go to Set Default Programs.








6. Select Internet Explorer from the programs list.








7. Click Set this program as default.








8. Click OK.












For information about using MSN Games on Windows 8 tablet and mobile devices, including Microsoft Surface, see this help page:








                        MSN Games on Tablet and Mobile