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Is there a Leaderboard on MSN Games?







All the Bing Games you loved are on MSN Games!








To Search for your favorite games, type the name of the game in the Search Box from any page on MSN Games, or Browse for games by title:








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Scores are recorded differently on MSN Games than on Bing Games. There is no Leaderboard. Instead, free online single player games use a scoring system, and free online multiplayer games use a rating system.











Free Online Single Player Scoring








Each time you play a free online single player game, you can earn a score which is displayed when your game ends.















Play free online single player games while signed in to your MSN Games Account to win Badges which display in your Badge Album online!








                        How to get an MSN Games Account











Free Online Multiplayer Rating








When you play free online multiplayer games (such as Spades, Hearts, or Backgammon) while signed in to your MSN Games Account, you can improve your multiplayer Rating. Learn more about how Ratings work at in this help article:








                        MSN Games Multiplayer Ratings