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  Street of Dreams Game Overview











Make matches to create your dream home!
Got a sharp eye and a quick finger? Good, because you’ll need them in this game of deduction and fast thinking. Click on the correct home based on the clue provided to rack up the points, and then decorate your dream home with all the bells and whistles. Sounds easy, right? Just wait until you get to the hidden categories.






Click Play a Game to start playing or Practice Mode to play a quick round.







After clicking Play a Game, click Continue. Click on the house that matches the clue provided. Sometimes there will be a hidden category that you have to determine at the end of the round based on the clues given.







Between rounds, upgrade your home with your winnings.







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Tips and Strategies




·          There are five answers per category. Once you built up a five-star home for that category, you won’t need to worry about that category anymore.




·          Don’t worry about the hidden categories, especially early on in the game. If you have one or two on the street, they are easily deduced by the process of elimination.




·          Once you start buying items for your home, start with the expensive items first. This might take a few rounds, but you’ll have a lot of cash to spend in the later rounds to pick up every item available.




·          In later rounds, you’ll have numerous Hidden Category homes. Don’t worry about making mistakes figuring out what clue goes where. Just focus on remembering the discoveries you have successfully made.