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Steal the Meal

Genre: Puzzle

Can you feed the hungry cat?

Uh oh! The cat has awakened from his nap, and wants the mice to feed him snacks from the refrigerator. If the mice know what’s good for them, they’ll raid the fridge for tasty sausages, fish and more to keep the hungry cat fat and purring. But other mice block the way in this sliding tile puzzle game that will test your brain power.

In the fridge, click a mouse and its trail of snacks to drag it to the refrigerator door. The cat will only eat certain foods (hint: he doesn’t like fruit or vegetables). You may need to move other mice out of the way. Each action counts as a move. Get to the door in the least number of moves to earn more stars.

There are lots of things in the fridge. Saucepots cannot be moved. Paper bags can be moved aside but may still block your path. You can even pick up a wheel of cheese and add it to the end of the mouse’s trail. Navigate these obstacles to make a clear path to the door.

Earn up to three stars per level for finishing in the least amount of moves. Go back to levels you’ve finished and try to earn more stars to open up additional levels. If you get stuck, use one of your solutions to see how the level is solved!