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  Spot the Difference Tips and Strategies




·          Start with simpler images or images with high color contrast and work your way up to the most complex images.




·          Be careful where you click! Clicking in an incorrect spot will cost you points.




·          While hints are there to help you when you get stuck – remember, they don’t come free. Each hint will deduct “hint points” from your score!




·          Look carefully for missing buttons, accessories, and changes in patterns or color.




·          For a more relaxing game, try playing in Novice mode. There’s no stress-inducing timer.




·          The most points are earned in Expert mode. Click Novice to change the settings to Expert.




·          In order to get the very best view of the images, maximize the game window – the images will resize too!




·          You can replay games after you complete them to try to improve your score.