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Play a game of Spider Solitaire free online!


Avoid Arachnophobia!
It’s solitaire with a spidery twist! The object is to remove all the cards by forming a sequence from King down to Ace in the same suit. It sounds pretty easy, but you can quickly get caught in a web of cards! Only the skilled players can clear the board!




Move the cards around and form sequences from King to Ace in the same suit. You can place cards in differing suits with each other but they can’t be cleared.  


Play Spider Solitaire free online!



When a column is empty, any card or stack can be moved that space. Your best bet is to move a King into that space.


Play a game of Spider Solitaire free online!



If you get stuck, click on the draw pile to get a new card for each column. When you finish a sequence, the cards will be cleared from the board. Clear all the cards to win!


Play a game of Spider Solitaire free online!




  Tips and Strategies









·          Focus your efforts on emptying columns from the get-go. Once a column is empty, then any single card or any stack of cards can be moved there. Remember, emptying columns is a key strategy to winning.






·          When eyeballing columns to empty, consider columns 5-10 on the right first, as these are dealt four cards instead of five at the start.






·          Only pull cards from the face-down draw pile after you’ve completed all available moves.






·          Consider dedicating one or two empty columns as ‘stock’ or ‘junk’ piles, giving you greater flexibility to rearrange cards and clear other columns.






·          Make ample use of the ‘UNDO’ button; hardcore players may shun it, but beginning players should embrace it. It’s situated just below the ‘MOVES’ counter on the right.