Spider Solitaire





  Spider Solitaire Tips and Strategies




·          Focus your efforts on emptying columns from the get-go. Once a column is empty, then any single card or any stack of cards can be moved there. Remember, emptying columns is a key strategy to winning.




·          When eyeballing columns to empty, consider columns 5-10 on the right first, as these are dealt four cards instead of five at the start.




·          Only pull cards from the face-down draw pile after you’ve completed all available moves.




·          Consider dedicating one or two empty columns as ‘stock’ or ‘junk’ piles, giving you greater flexibility to rearrange cards and clear other columns.




·          Make ample use of the ‘UNDO’ button; hardcore players may shun it, but beginning players should embrace it. It’s situated just below the ‘MOVES’ counter on the right.