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Play Sparks free online!


Light up the sky with Sparks!
Match-3 to spark a fiery finale! You can’t just rocket there though — pyrotechnic pageantry requires skill. Match fast to unleash Speed Chains to trigger Super Sparks and go out in a blaze of Mega-Bomb glory!




Click Play Game to unleash a  massive drop of Sparks. As more fall, use your keyboard’s Arrow keys or your mouse to position incoming Sparks and make matches of three or more!


Play Sparks free online!



Match sets of Sparks every 2 seconds to set off Speed Chains. Unleash multiple chains to create Super Sparks, like the Mini- and Mega-Bombs!


Play Sparks free online!



Clear enough Sparks to let loose a Spark-tacular Mega-Bomb finale and go for a perfect score!


Play Sparks free online!






  Tips and Strategies








·          Use the W key or the Up Arrow key on your keyboard to rotate sets of incoming Sparks.






·          Use the A and D keys or the Left and Right Arrow keys on your keyboard to move incoming Sparks to the left or right respectively. Alternatively, just move your mouse to the left or to the right.






·          Use the S key, the Down Arrow key, or the Spacebar on your keyboard to accelerate the drop of incoming Sparks. Alternatively, you can use the left mouse button.






·          Keep matching sets of Sparks every two seconds to build up a Speed Chain.






·          Having Speed Chains and making matches that ignite many sparks creates Super Sparks.






·          There are many different types of Super Sparks.
Mini-Bomb: Ignites all Sparks in a one-Spark radius.
Mega-Bomb: Ignites all Sparks in a three-Spark radius.
Quake-Bomb: Ignites all Sparks in the same row.
Bolt-Bomb: Ignites all Sparks in the same column.
Color-Bomb: Ignites all Sparks of the same color.
Star: Gives a permanent score multiplier for the rest of a game.






·          Match incoming Sparks with large sets of same-color Sparks whenever possible to create high-value matches.






·          Use both your hands! With one hand, use the Up Arrow key on your keyboard to rotate incoming Sparks. With the other, move your mouse to the left or to the right. Doing so lets you to create the best configuration and find the best placement for incoming Sparks.