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Many of our loyal players have made it clear that MSN Games should offer more variations for Spades.

Thanks to your feedback, we bring you three great game modes: Suicide, Mirror, and Whiz! You can play these variants in "versus computer," "quick match," and "invite a friend" modes.





Whiz, Mirror, and more!

The following games follow all the standard rules of Spades, except for how players bid each round. The variants are meant to add a little more variety to the way you can play Spades.

Suicide Games:
In suicide games, one and ONLY one player must bid nil, or try to take zero tricks. The game is then played normally. If the nil bid player takes a trick the penalty is -100 points; if that player manages to make nil the bonus is +100 points. Each trick that the nil bidder takes is counted as a bag.

Mirror Games:
In the Mirror variant, you must bid the number of spades in your hand. Otherwise, gameplay and scoring remain the same as normal games.

Whiz Games:
The Whiz variant is a fast-paced combination of Mirror and Suicide. Players must bid nil or the number of spades in their hand. Scoring is the same as the other variants.

We've also made these improvements as promised:

Short Game mode:
We've added a 4-Hand Short Game as a multiplayer variant. Play continues for four rounds or until one team reaches 500 points for an automatic win!

Show scores/bags on the screen all the time:
This is now a default feature, so you will no longer have to "pin" the score screen in place.

Improve clarity for bid/made numbers:
We added a lighter color and a larger, bolder font to make these numbers easier to read.

We hope you enjoy these game variants and that you continue to let us know how we can improve your gaming experience. So keep on playing Spades, and please keep that feedback rolling in!

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We’re counting on our players to make MSN Games the premier destination for Spades lovers.

Thank you for your support and happy bidding!