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Read about John “Galt” Strichman
Tired of losing at Spades? Check out Spades author John “Galt” Strichman's interview.




Joe Andrews Articles




Joe Andrews, Spades expert and author of the books The Complete Win At Spades and The Complete Win At Hearts, writes regular articles on Spades, providing strategies, tips, advice, and more.






Listen to Joe Andrews Interview MSN Games Manager, Scott Austin






December 2006
Get the answers to the 9th annual Holiday Spades Quiz!




November 2006
Take the 9th annual Holiday Spades Quiz!




October 2006
Joe looks at 'hindsight analysis'




September 2006
Adventures in Nils




August 2006
The Nil bid in Spades




July 2006
Back to basics continued…




June 2006
Back to basics.




December 2005
Check out how you did in last month’s quiz.






November 2005
Solve the mystery of the losing hand!






October 2005
Learn how not to lose at Spades with a little help from author Jack Galt.






September 2005
Joe explains why a good partner is invaluable and what attributes make a Spades partnership great.




August 2005
Joe answers July's quiz question and analyzes the endgame of a live event. Learn what the best players do, and see the mistakes to avoid.




July 2005
Joe discusses the history of Spades, the quest for a viable live Spades community, and the idea of establishing more live Spades gatherings.




June 2005
Check out the reader feedback from last month’s discussion of signaling systems, and take a peek at one mighty unpredictable hand of Spades!




May 2005
Communication versus cheating: at what point do convenient conventions become improper etiquette?




April 2005
It’s time once again for Hindsight in Spades, and Joe discusses the potential drawbacks of a live Duplicate Spades tournament.




March 2005
Joe takes a look at two tricky hands through the 20/20 glasses of Hindsight, and introduces us to Round Robin Spades.




February 2005
Answers and analyses for last month’s Lighter Side of Spades, plus a bonus excerpt from the Spades-related wisdom of John (Galt) Strichman.




January 2005
Joe takes a peek back through the 68-year history of Spades, and lists a few important milestones along the way. Also in this month’s column: The Lighter Side of Spades – four interesting hands from the past year’s online games.




2004 Column of the Month archive
Here’s another great year of tips, advice, puzzles, and analyses. Take a peek inside for beginner tips, Nil and Double Nil strategies, a post-mortem on the Grand Prix World Series of Spades, and a few thoughts on the benefits of larceny.




2003 Column of the Month archive
Put on your thinking cap and prepare to be puzzled! Joe poses several classic and not-so-classic Spades situations, and analyzes the outcome of each hand. These columns are also rich with information on Duplicate Spades, bidding conventions, opening lead variations, and the Nil Reverse Signal.