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Joe Andrews Articles - 2003 Column of the Month Archive




Joe Andrews, Spades expert and author of the books The Complete Win At Spades and The Complete Win At Hearts, writes regular articles on Spades, providing strategies, tips, advice, and more.




December 2003
Joe Andrews helps you with the Nil Reverse Signal. Do you know how to alert your partner not to burn that trump? Better brush up. Also, Joe gives a tournament update and profiles a community Spades series team and a prominent player.




November 2003
Learn about the "Big Five" bidding convention and the controversy surrounding it. Also, read an excerpt from John Galt Strichman's latest Spades book.






October 2003
Joe presents a new Hand of the Month quiz, with answers, and revisits his Beginner’s Korner feature to discuss covering Nil bids.




September 2003
Joe presents quite a grab bag this month, with a look at opening lead variations for live play, ways to signal the Nil bid, and another “interesting hand,” with both analysis and a challenge quiz.




August 2003
Joe gives answers to his recent puzzle with analysis and rolls out part one in his series on signaling the Nil bid.




July 2003
Joe Andrews goes over his Duplicate Spades survey results and offers another Spades puzzle for prizes. Plus the return of guest columnist John Galt, who examines the breakaway!




June 2003
How did you do with Joe Andrews' Spades puzzles? Find out the answers! Plus, learn a little about Duplicate Spades.




May 2003
It's puzzle time! Joe Andrews challenges you to have the right strategy for four wildly different situations to win Spades prizes!




April 2003
Check out the answers to last month's Spades puzzles. Then Joe turns things over to John Galt, who points out opportunities players probably overlook. Finally, take a look at Joe's suggestions for live tournaments!




March 2003
Will a fellow Spades player's puzzles stump you? Send in your solutions for a chance to win an autographed book from Joe Andrews!