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Once all 13 tricks have been played, Spades tallies the score automatically and then deals a new hand. Team points are combined.

Each trick is worth 10 points, so a contract of six is worth 60 points if completed. Remember, the number of tricks bid at the beginning of the round determines the value of each contract.

If a contract is set by winning fewer tricks than was bid, the partnership is penalized the entire value of that contract (or 60 points, in the above case).

If a contract is set by winning more tricks than was bid -- called overtricks -- the partners receive the value of their contract, plus one additional point per overtrick. In the above case, if seven tricks were won, the partners would receive 61 points. Their penalty for going over their bid is to receive one "bag" point per overtrick.

A bag point by itself has no value. However, these bag points accumulate in a bag shown in the upper left-hand corner of the table. When a team accumulates 10 bag points, it is penalized 100 points. Once the points are deducted, the bag is emptied.

Making a nil bid is worth 100 points, and making a double nil bid is worth 200 points. These bids bring with them 100-point and 200-point penalties, respectively, if they are set (that is, if the player who bid nil or double nil is forced to take a trick during the hand). If one partner bids nil and doesn't make it, none of the tricks he or she takes can be applied to the other's bid and the partnership will lose 100 points for the missed nil, for example, if one player bids nil and his or her partner bids two, and if the players each get one trick, they will lose 120 points -- 100 for the set nil and 20 for the two-bid. They will also receive one bag for going over the nil.

The first team to reach 500 points wins the game. If both teams go over 500 points in the same hand, the team with the higher score wins. The game will also end if a team finishes a round at or below -200 points.




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