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Playing Spades
Click any valid card to play it.

After bidding, one player will start off the trick by playing the lead card. Whichever suit is led must be matched by all players, provided they hold cards of the same suit. If a player does not have any cards that match the lead suit, they can play any card. Players alternate leading each trick. After each lead, play proceeds clockwise.

Players who lead may play any card they want, with one exception: No player may lead with a Spade until one has been discarded in a previous round, or unless Spades are the only suit left in the hand. Once a Spade has been discarded, Spades are said to be "broken," and they may be led.

If you have bid high, you want to win tricks. If you have bid low, you want to lose tricks. Tricks are won by playing the highest card in a trick. So if the lead card is a 5 of Hearts, you will need to play a 6 of Hearts or higher, or a Spade to win the trick.

Spades is the trump suit. The highest Spade will win any trick. Even if the lead card is the Ace of Hearts, the 2 of Spades will win the trick if it is the only Spade played.

Play continues until all 13 tricks have been played.










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