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Solitaire in Motion game


Make a splash!
A whole pack of cards has been scattered randomly and face down in the pool of a fountain. It's your job to clear all the cards as they float past by clicking on the next card in the sequence (up or down) regardless of suit. Test your solitaire and memory skills in this new take on the classic and much-beloved single player card game.




Create 'runs' of consecutive cards (going up or down in any suit, any color) by clicking on cards in the fountain to add them to your pile.


Solitaire in Motion game



If you run out of options, click on your pile of cards to shuffle it and bring a new card to the top.


Solitaire in Motion game



Click on bonus prizes floating by for extra points – they may even help reveal your next card.


Solitaire in Motion game





Tips and Strategies




·          A 'run' is any sequence of cards in which the ranks go up or down by 1, regardless of suit.




·          Aces are both high and low.




·          Cards only remain face up for a small time – act quickly before you forget which cards are which.




·          Be warned – clicking in the water or on the wrong card will end your 'run'. But it will also temporarily flip over any cards the ripple touches.




·          Try to build longer, uninterrupted runs to score more points.




·          The hand doesn't end until all 52 cards have been cleared.




·          Every level is identical. Hands don't get easier or harder but the cards are shuffled differently.




·          Never let a special or bonus icon pass by – those are valuable points floating away!




·          Clicking on special and bonus icons will also generate a ripple which will reveal hidden cards and will not end your current 'run'.




·          Watch out for the fish icon – click it and the fish will help you find your next playable card.




·          Collecting a coin icon from the fountain will create a helpful ripple for you and will not end your current 'run'. You can then flick the coin back into the fountain later in the game and create a new ripple to uncover hidden cards.




·          Coins accumulate – if you don't use them in one hand they will still be available for the next.




·          Bonuses such as toys, flowers, boats and candles score you extra points, create ripples and won't end your current 'run'.




·          Bonuses are awarded based on the 'runs' created by the player. The better you play, the more valuable the bonus!





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