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  Solitaire Tips and Strategies








·          Never draw from the stockpile until you are certain there are no more moves available in the tableau.






·          Don't move a card unless there is an immediate gain. If it will unlock a facedown card, then a move is useful. However, if moving a 3 of Clubs onto a 4 of Diamonds sounds tempting, consider waiting. If moving the 3 of Clubs serves to open a space in the tableau but there is no King available to fill the space, then hold off on the move, because you are leaving yourself with an open option. The 3 of Spades might pop up, and its move to the 4 of Diamonds could prove more valuable to you.






·          Don't place cards in the foundation piles unless you are sure you won't need them to anchor lower-ranked cards from the tableau or stockpile. You may regret placing the 6 of Hearts on its foundation pile when the 5 of Spades shows up in the stockpile and is blocking your desperately needed Ace of Hearts!






·          If you are faced with the choice of moving two black (or red) cards, one from the discard pile (the 7 of Clubs, for example) and one from the tableau (the 7 of Spades), and both cards are blocking other cards beneath them, in general it is best to expose the cards you cannot see. You know what you have in the face-up cards in the stockpile, but you don't know what is hidden in the tableau.






·          Avoid playing all three cards dealt from the stockpile. The next time you go through the stockpile you will get to see different cards if you only play one or two from each deal. If you play all three cards, those cards will be missing the next time around, but the other cards will remain in the same order.






·          If a card appears in the stockpile and it cannot be played in the tableau but can be played in a foundation, go ahead and move it to the foundation.






·          It can be helpful to create tableau sequences across two piles that use only two suits for each sequence. For example, if you start with the 10 of Hearts in one pile and the 10 of Clubs in another pile, try to build the sequences in each pile using only Hearts and Clubs. That way, when the Ace of Clubs and the Ace of Hearts appear in the foundation piles, you have a ready-made ascending sequence of cards that match suit, making it easier to clear both tableau piles.







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