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The addictive action of Slingo returns in a big way in this innovative sequel. Combine the new power-ups and you’ll find clever ways to dominate the board. Take on thousands of Daily Challenges to rack up your score and prove your Slingo superiority. Watch out for the Devil, who will challenge you in a series of minigames that can drain your points.




Press Start, then Play Supreme. Choose your power-up, and then press Play.


Play Slingo Supreme!



Press Spin. After the numbers or icons appear, see if you can match the number at the bottom with one in the column above. If you get a joker in that column, you can choose any space in that column. A yellow joker means you can choose a space anywhere on the game board. Try to fill out all the spaces on the board before you run out of spins.


Play Slingo Supreme!



Occasionally, the Devil will appear and challenge you in a wager. Choose how much you want to risk for the upcoming minigame.


Play Slingo Supreme!



  Tips and Strategies




·          Early in the game, choose the Free Spin power-up. Collecting these invaluable perks go a long way in helping you keep your points at the end of the game. Ideally you’ll want several Free Spins when you reach the final few spins (when spins start to cost points). However, if you have one Free Spin, save it for the last spin, when you can lose the most points.




·          If you are reaching the end of your 20 spins, be aware that sometimes it’s best to cash out. For example, let’s say you have five spaces left to fill on the board and only two spins. The odds of you covering all the open spaces are slim, plus you’ll be burning through your points on the final spins.




·          If the Spin button is dark, that means there are still moves you can make on the board.




·          After picking the Free Spin power-up, choose the Nudge or the Instant Slingo power-ups. If one spin produces nothing you can use, and you picked up a Nudge token from an earlier spin, Nudge “gives” you a new spin. Instant Slingo puts a random magic tile on the board that, if chosen, will fill out a row or column automatically.




·          When gold spaces appear on the board, try to fill those out first. Jokers are great for doing this. If you fill out the gold spaces before the game ends, you get a nice payout.




·          Remember, there are two kinds of jokers. The red ones will allow you to freely fill out a space in that column. The yellow ones allow you to fill out any space on the board. 




·          If you get a yellow joker, check the board. Make sure you aren’t using your yellow joker to fill a space that can be filled another way.




·          As you fill out the board, try to have one open space is each column. That way, you can quickly fill them with the appropriate number or a joker.