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Slingo Classic

Spin for classic, Slingtastic fun!

Go for the gold...Slingo gold that is! Spin and spin again to match five across, vertically, and diagonally. Fill your entire card, and you'll have a huge sack of Slingo gold to sling around!

Click Spin to begin. Don't dally, or you'll lose it! Any yellow number means a match. Click it. Don't dally, or you'll lose your chance to match!

Spins can deal coins and free spins. Luckier still are Jokers (red) and Super Jokers (green). Any Joker goes with all numbers in his column. Super Jokers know no bounds… just match 'em first!

If luck's on your side, a cheeky cherub's got your back. If not, you lose a spin every time that devious devil darkens your slot!