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  Slingo Tips and Strategies




The main difference between a Slingo player and a Slingo expert is wise use of the Joker and Super Joker symbols. A few seconds of careful thought before using these wild cards is always worthwhile!




·          The most important squares on your card are the shaded ones: unless you cover all of them to complete the pattern, you can’t advance to the next round. So if a Joker appears in a column that still has an uncovered pattern square, that square should be your first choice.




·          If you’ve already covered all the pattern squares from the column in which the Joker appears, look for an uncovered square which could complete a Slingo. If there’s more than one choice, check to see whether any of them would complete multiple Slingos (horizontal and diagonal, for instance). Since each Slingo is worth a bonus, a single Joker can sometimes add a big boost to your score!




·          The Super Joker can be used to cover any open square on any column. This is the most helpful symbol in the game! However, you must use the Super Joker before clicking any other symbols or numbers from the wheel row. The other symbols and numbers remain grayed out until you cover a square with your Super Joker.




·          As with the regular Joker, the best use of a Super Joker is to cover a shaded “pattern” square. If you still have several uncovered squares in your pattern, look for a column with two or more, and cover one of those. Otherwise, choose one from the column with the most uncovered non-pattern squares.




·          If all your shaded squares are already covered, look for the column with the most uncovered squares. If all columns have the same number of covered squares, look for a square which will complete one or more Slingos. Finally, if no Slingos are immediately available, choose one of the squares most likely to complete multiple Slingos (top and bottom squares on the two end columns, the second squares from the top and bottom on the columns next to the ends, and the middle square on the middle column).




·          Before you choose to cover any square with the Super Joker, look at the grayed-out number or symbol in the wheel row below it! If that column’s wheel already contains a Joker or the appropriate number for the square you want to cover, then you can use your Super Joker elsewhere.