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Slide Poker game


It’s part puzzle, part poker
Cards are dealt into five rows and columns, with one space left open. When you click a card next to the space, the card slides over. Slide the cards around to make the best hand possible within the designated row or column. You have 45 seconds on the first round, and after the fifth, the rounds get shorter. The game ends when you fail to make a valid hand by the end of a round.






After the opening screens, click the START button on the dialog box in the middle of the screen to have your cards dealt. The row or column on which you must build your hand will be highlighted in yellow.


Slide Poker




Click a card to slide it into the empty space. Rearrange the cards to make the best hand you can; then click SCORE. You’ll earn extra points for time left on the clock, and a high-ranked hand will add time to the next round.


Slide Poker



In the next round, your hand cannot repeat your first-round ranking. So if you got a Straight in the last round, you can’t score one this round. Two circles lit up red on the ranking table indicate last round’s hand.


Slide Poker





  Tips and Strategies







1.     Check the initial value of your highlighted cards before you try to make improvements. Quickly glance up at the Current Hand display in the upper right side of the screen. If it says “Royal Flush” (or maybe even just “Flush”) hit that SCORE button!




2.     Next, look over the highlighted cards and the cards nearby to see how close you are to having a valuable hand. Assess with an eye toward the major hands, in descending order: If not a Royal Flush, can you make a Flush? How far are you from Four of a Kind or a Straight?




3.     When you have two hands to make, you’ll want to make one as good as you can, so that you can have at least one easy hand to work with in the following round.




4.     Start circling. Think of the cards you want to move as being on a circle (or oblong) that includes the blank space. For example, say you’ve got three cards and a blank space that form a square -- whoops, did we say “square”? Think of the cards as forming a tight circle; slide the cards one by one to rotate that circle.




5.     By planning small rotations to set up bigger rotations and rotating either clockwise or counterclockwise, you can move the cards anywhere you like.