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Slide Poker

Genre: Puzzle

It’s part puzzle, part poker

Cards are dealt into five rows and columns, with one space left open. When you click a card next to the space, the card slides over. Slide the cards around to make the best hand possible within the designated row or column. You have 45 seconds on the first round, and after the fifth, the rounds get shorter. The game ends when you fail to make a valid hand by the end of a round.

After the opening screens, click the START button on the dialog box in the middle of the screen to have your cards dealt. The row or column on which you must build your hand will be highlighted in yellow.

Click a card to slide it into the empty space. Rearrange the cards to make the best hand you can; then click SCORE. You’ll earn extra points for time left on the clock, and a high-ranked hand will add time to the next round.

In the next round, your hand cannot repeat your first-round ranking. So if you got a Straight in the last round, you can’t score one this round. Two circles lit up red on the ranking table indicate last round’s hand.