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Enter the Blue Vortex … before time runs out!
Strategically navigate a Silversphere across mazelike terrains and against an unrelenting clock. Use boxes, ice cubes, claws, and other environmental elements to reach the Blue Vortex—wormhole to the game’s 25 levels of fun—before time runs out.




Press start to enter the game. Press START to enter Level 1. Find your Silversphere, and then use your keyboard’s ARROW keys to navigate.


Play Silversphere free online!



Build bridges, navigate barriers, and make space with boxes. Do stay out of the water! A dip in the deep costs 500 points and a level restart.


Play Silversphere free online!



Don’t hit a gold sphere! You lose 500 points and must restart the level. Do allow them to ram into a box and clear a pathway in later levels.


Play Silversphere free online!




Tips and Strategies




·          You’re on the clock the moment you press the level’s START button. Time is measured in seconds and a countdown method is used.




·          The timer is at the bottom of the screen in the center. When you’re almost out of time, it flashes to warn you.




·          Your Silversphere only pushes boxes, and it only moves one box at a time.




·          Pressing R at the bottom left of your screen restarts the level. Doing so loses you a whopping 500 points though!




·          Navigate in such a way that your Silversphere always has room on the grid to maneuver. Avoid boxing yourself in, getting trapped in corners, etc. Boxes can always be placed in water to create bridges or an extra square to move on.




·          As you level up, you encounter barriers that you must strategically navigate. These barriers cannot be moved and they’re not impacted by gold spheres.




·          Also, as you move up, you encounter claws. You must unlock all claws first to open the Blue Vortex. Place a box in the center of the claw to unlock it.




·          Blue claws, however, can only be unlocked using ice cubes. Place the ice cube in the center of the blue claw to unlock it.