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Shape Solitaire

It's like a jigsaw puzzle made of cards!

Link the cards together by matching them with cards of higher or lower rank, and fill in the shapes on the screen. But beware: you only have two decks of cards for each puzzle, and you can't just reshuffle while nobody's looking...

Click to choose a card from the row at the bottom of the screen. Click an empty square to place the card there. A card can only be played next to an existing card which is one value lower or higher (a 10 next to a 9 or Jack, for example).

In Arcade mode, the row of playable cards will scroll by at the bottom of the screen. In Classic mode, four cards will be dealt at a time; if none of them are usable, you can click Draw to discard the row and deal four new cards.

Some of the open squares on a board might have suit symbols on them. If a square contains a spade symbol, for example, not only must you play a card of appropriate value, but it must be a spade.