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Shape Solitaire game


It’s like a jigsaw puzzle made of cards!
Link the cards together by matching them with cards of higher or lower rank, and fill in the shapes on the screen. But beware: you only have two decks of cards for each puzzle, and you can’t just reshuffle while nobody’s looking…




Click to choose a card from the row at the bottom of the screen. Click an empty square to place the card there. A card can only be played next to an existing card which is one value lower or higher (a 10 next to a 9 or Jack, for example).


Shape Solitaire



In Arcade mode, the row of playable cards will scroll by at the bottom of the screen. In Classic mode, four cards will be dealt at a time; if none of them are usable, you can click Draw to discard the row and deal four new cards.


Shape Solitaire



Some of the open squares on a board might have suit symbols on them. If a square contains a spade symbol, for example, not only must you play a card of appropriate value, but it must be a spade.


Shape Solitaire





Tips and Strategies




·          Unlike most Solitaire games, suit and color do not usually matter in Shape Solitaire. Unless the square on which you want to play a card happens to have a suit symbol printed on it, you can play from any suit at all. Only the card value matters.




·          When you play a card on the board, it only has to be an appropriate match for one of the adjacent cards. If an empty square is surrounded by several cards, all with different values, you can choose to play a card of one value higher or lower than any one of the surrounding cards. Keep this in mind when placing cards, and try not to cluster up too many cards of the same value in one location. For example, it’s easier to find an appropriate match for a square surrounded by a 2, 5, 8, and Queen (eight possible matches) than it would be for one surrounded by three 3s and a 6 (only four possible matches).




·          Try to build in multiple directions simultaneously. Concentrating on only one portion of the game board at a time -- particularly in Arcade mode -- means that cards which could have been useful elsewhere might be slipping by at the bottom of the screen.




·          In Arcade mode, if two cards of the same value scroll by at the same time, and one of them is sparkling, try to use that one first. Sparkling cards will increment your Return Bonus counter and, while you may not actually need to use the Return feature, it’s nice to have as many points on there as possible in case you find yourself out of cards.