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  Shape Shifter Tips and Strategies




·          At the beginning of a level, you can grab practically any shape from your feeder row and be assured of finding a matching empty spot above. As the level progresses, however, you’ll want to remember which shapes you need to complete certain rows, and keep an eye out for them in your feeder row.




·          When you grab a shape, check first to see if it will fit in your bottom row. If so, place it there; if not, place it in the next row up, and so on.




·          Clearing a whole row makes the remaining rows move faster, so that you have a better chance of filling all the empty spots before time runs out. On later levels, it's essential to clear one or two rows as quickly as possible.




·          There is no penalty for discarding! If you pick up a shape and don’t immediately see a matching empty spot, toss it and grab another one. In the time it would otherwise take for a matching spot to scroll onto the screen, you might be able to place multiple shapes in other spots!




·          If you see two empty spots into which a shape might fit, choose the one which is closest to scrolling off the edge of the screen. This way, if you have a second shape of the same type in your feeder row, there might still be time to grab and place it, too.




·          If a shape you place is identical to the previously placed shape, bonus points are awarded. This bonus grows with each additional identical shape placed in succession. You can use this feature to score extra points on early levels (or even later levels, if you're feeling lucky) by letting several of one shape stack up in your feeder row, then placing them all at once.  Beware, though: taking too much time to plan for a multiplier bonus might cost you the necessary seconds to clear a whole level!




·          The last two or three empty spots on a level might be tough to fill if you don't have the matching shapes in your feeder row. Simply click the discard bin to automatically remove the left-most piece in your feeder row. Clicking rapidly allows you to quickly toss unwanted pieces until the ones you need show up.




·          The tube of colored paint can be used to fill any empty spot! This is very handy if you seem to be neck-deep in squares but all you need is a star. While you can use the paint at any time during a level, you might want to save it until the very end, when the clock is really against you. Make sure to use it during the level in which it appears, though, because you can't carry an unused tube over to the next level!




·          Some shapes look extremely similar, particularly on later levels. If you're having trouble keeping track of which is which, take careful note of the colors. For instance, a fish shape facing left might be orange, while a fish shape facing right is blue. These colors remain the same across all the levels.