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  SCRABBLE® Blast Tips and Strategies





·          If you spot a good word that doesn’t include any letter- or word-bonus tiles, see if you can create some words under it and thereby cause it to drop over some bonus tiles.






·          Remember that you can connect any tiles that touch each other, so you can make a word that loops back around itself.






·          Click the dictionary for general procedural help with the game (in the deluxe version, you can get hints to find high-scoring words).






·          Click the “exchange” button to have all the tiles cleared from the board and replaced with different tiles, and to remove all bombs currently on the board.






·          You have three levels to play in the free Web version of SCRABBLE Blast and then your game ends. But you can always play again to try to improve your score and rank! Getting longer words that include high-scoring letters and word multipliers can really boost your points!






·          Proper nouns, such as the names of people and places, don’t count as valid words.






·          Look at the words that you have already submitted. You can often swap out one letter to make a new word. For example, if you have submitted the word “Mime,” you can replace the first “M” with a “T” or “L” to create more words.






·          If you’re really stuck, try just clicking letters three and four-letter combinations.






·          Look for ways to make a word plural with “S” or “ES” or add a prefix or suffix, like “PRE-,”
“RE-,” “-ED,” or “-NESS.”






·          “Q”s are tough. Here are a few Q words to look for: QUID, QUIP, QUIT, QUAIL, and QAT and, if you get really lucky, LOQUACIOUS and QUEUE.







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