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Become a match-3 maestro!
Match blocks to make music and score points in this addictive musical-matching game. Colors represent music tracks. Clear the board to complete the song, and then begin a whole new score!




Click Play to start matching and making music! Swap same-colored blocks to match three… or more. Match fast — you’re on the clock.


Play Score freeonline!



Clear four blocks at once for a Bomb Block (at lower right). Use it to explode all around it! Clear five blocks for a Cross Block (at upper left). It clears all blocks in the same row and column!


Play Score freeonline!



Match your way to a completed song. Can’t see any matches? Click Remix to reshuffle!


Play Score freeonline!







 Tips and Strategies






·          Each color represents a music track. Matching at least three like-colored blocks unlocks notes in the color's track.






·          When you reach 100%, your song and the level are complete!






·          Clearing three or more blocks at once adds time to the timer.






·          Special blocks left over at the end of a song add to your score.






·          Need to mix it up? Use the Remix button to quickly reset the grid.






·          You earn a new Remix try with every 50,000 points.






·          Clear four blocks at once to unlock the Bomb Block. Match it to explode and clear all the blocks around it.






·          Clear five or more blocks at once to unlock the Cross Block. Match it to destroy all blocks in the same row and column.






·          When you complete a track, that track's similarly colored blocks darken to help you focus on the remaining tracks. The blocks can still be used; they just look different.