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  Saints and Sinners Bingo Game Overview




Saints and Sinners Bingo game


It’s bingo the way bingo should be!

Eccentric characters, lucky charms, dirty tricks, a variety of winning patterns, and gameplay as fast or slow as you prefer -- Saints and Sinners Bingo has all the excitement of traditional bingo, with all the attitude of the saints (and sinners) who play it.




Check the Bingo pattern to see which squares you need to mark, or “daub”, in order to complete a Bingo.


Saints and Sinners Bingo



Three numbers will be called at a time. When the numbers are called, daub the appropriate squares on your card. The next set of numbers will be called automatically after 40 seconds, or immediately if you click Next Call.


Saints and Sinners Bingo



Charms are items which can help you win the game. Roll your cursor over a charm for a description of what it does and how to use it.


Saints and Sinners Bingo




  Saints and Sinners Bingo Tips and Strategies




While the traditional game of bingo relies far more on luck than careful planning, the addition of lucky charms to Saints and Sinners Bingo also adds a level of strategy to the game.




·          Although the Wishbone ensures that the next call will include at least one number from your card, there is no way to know which number it will be. So to maximize the effect of this charm, try to use it near the end of a round, when you have less uncovered numbers still on your card. Alternately, if one of your opponents is close to completing a pattern and you’re trailing behind, it could definitely be worth the gamble to use your Wishbone and hope for a number in your pattern.




·          The Temptation is a charm of last resort: it can be used to distract one of your opponents from the game for about half a minute. This will give you time to use Next Call and cycle through several rounds, hopefully scoring a Bingo before that opponent recovers from the drink’s effects. Unfortunately, you only have one Temptation per card, and two opponents… make sure to use it wisely. Since there is usually a small delay after an opponent scores a Bingo and before they actually announce it, you can actually prevent them from declaring a successful Bingo for 35 seconds by using the Temptation as soon as their card starts to flash.




·          When playing bingo at a real-world bingo hall, it’s often customary to only daub the squares you actually need on patterns such as Four Corners or Super T. This prevents confusion, and allows you to focus only on the important numbers. However, in Saints and Sinners Bingo, you receive a $1 bonus for each square daubed; by all means, keep your attention on the numbers you need the most, but daub any others that come up, or that bonus will slip away!




·          Keep an eye on your opponents’ chatter. It will often give you insight into which numbers they need and how well they’re playing. If you know in advance, for example, that the last number Biggie needs to complete that Super T pattern is B10, you can be ready to use a Temptation on him if that number is called.