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   Royal Envoy Game Overview







Serf’s up!  Restore an island kingdom

A natural disaster has wiped away nearly all the structures of Islandshire. The King has commanded you to go there to rebuild the crown’s interests. Build houses, cottages, mills, and more as you restore Islandshire to prosperity, one level and one island at a time!




1. Every level has specific tasks you must complete to progress to the next level. Tasks can be as simple as building a number of specific structures, or larger goals that will require you to complete a few criteria before the larger goal can be completed.





2. You will get significantly more points if you complete the level’s tasks before time runs out—illustrated by the yellow thermometer on the left of the screen. You have until it runs down to absolute zero to score extra points!





3. If you don’t complete a level in time for a gold star, you can go back to it and try it again. Hop from island to island and fulfill all of the King’s commands!












  Royal Envoy Tips and Strategies








·      Before you start playing a level, plan ahead and consider your options.

·      Any quantity of material—large or small—takes precisely the same amount of time at a sawmill. So, it’s more efficient to produce a lot of materials all at once.

·      The rent on cottages is much higher than on cabins, so it’s more profitable to build cottages.

·      Market traders often make very lucrative offers. Don’t miss them!

·      There is time to improve a new house before the first rent appears—but you should begin the improvements immediately after construction.

·      Unreachable homes and buildings are useless. Clear the road to them as quickly as possible.