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  Rocket Mania! Tips and Strategies




·          Use the color-coding of the fuses to speed up launching. Yellow fuses lead to a match. Red fuses lead to a rocket. Connect yellow and red fuses to launch.




·          Make capturing coins a priority, since you’ll earn upgrades to your rockets for every five coins captured. Upgraded rockets earn you more points.




·          To capture coins and gems, and to detonate bombs, you must connect the fuse through them and launch a rocket.




·          Coins that remain uncollected at the end of the round will not be available in the next round.




·          Some gems will start to pulse shortly after they appear. You have only a few seconds to collect these gems before they disappear.




·          As you gain experience, plan ahead to launch more than one rocket at a time. Start on the right, connecting fuses to two or more rockets. Then work you way left, joining the rocket fuses into one until they touch a match.