River Poker Solitaire Tips & Tricks




·          With only five minutes on the timer, and an increasing number of points necessary to finish each round, you should spend as little time as possible on the first two rounds.  Each of them can be finished quickly by building one or two columns of a single suit, and cashing them in as a Flush.  You don’t need to waste precious time setting up anything fancy!




·          As with regular poker, one of the most profitable hands to make is a Royal Flush: 10, J, Q, K, and Ace of one particular suit (worth 3000 points).  One good strategy for this game is to build three columns upward with the random cards you deal, reserving the fourth column for a possible Royal Flush in the suit of your choice, and leaving the fifth empty to prevent row removal.




·          Whenever you get one of the necessary elements of a Royal Flush, place it in the fourth column; otherwise, put each card into one of the three “junk” columns, making sure to have at least a pair somewhere in the column, to prevent it from being blocked when the hand is submitted.




·          If you’re feeling confident in your hand-building skills, use all five rows and columns to build some interesting poker hands.  Placing a card that completes both a winning row and a winning column at the same time will award you a bonus.