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Rise of Atlantis


Find artifacts to rebuild Atlantis!
Raise the legendary continent of Atlantis from the waves and restore its former glory! This extraordinary puzzle game offers spectacular new features, handy bonuses, and explosive power-ups as you set out on an adventurous quest across the ancient lands of Phoenicia, Babylon, and Egypt. Match the right items and uncover the powerful artifacts of Poseidon – patron god of Atlantis!






Left click on any tile to swap it with an adjacent tile. Tiles can be swapped either horizontally or vertically. Make a match of three or more tiles to clear them from the board.


Rise of Atlantis





Move artifact pieces towards the bottom of the puzzle by matching the tiles beneath. Assemble Poseidon’s artifact by freeing pieces from the last row.


Rise of Atlantis





Use the Sun, Bomb, and Lightning power-ups to help clear tiles. But keep an eye on the timer bar – when it reaches zero you’ll lose a life!  


Rise of Atlantis





  Tips and Strategies




·          Keep in mind your goal is to uncover artifacts, not just make matches. Always try to clear tiles below artifact pieces first.




·          Earn bonus points by solving a puzzle in the fastest time possible.




·          Match four or more tiles and you will recharge the Sun power-up. When the Sun power-up is fully recharged, use it to clear several random tiles.




·          Use the Bomb power-up to clear every tile in a selected area. Use the Lightning power-up to clear all the tiles with the same design. Use the Clock power-up to get extra time in solving the puzzle!




·          The more combos you can make with a single move, the more bonus points you can rack up on a level. Look for moves which will either make multiple matches at once, or cause the tiles above to fall down into more ready-made matches.




·          Power-ups carry over into the next round, so save them for when you really need help!




·          Artifact pieces move around the board as you make matches. Be careful not to make a match that would leave an artifact piece trapped in a corner.