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  Rise Of Atlantis Tips and Strategies




·          Keep in mind your goal is to uncover artifacts, not just make matches. Always try to clear tiles below artifact pieces first.




·          Earn bonus points by solving a puzzle in the fastest time possible.




·          Match four or more tiles and you will recharge the Sun power-up. When the Sun power-up is fully recharged, use it to clear several random tiles.




·          Use the Bomb power-up to clear every tile in a selected area. Use the Lightning power-up to clear all the tiles with the same design. Use the Clock power-up to get extra time in solving the puzzle!




·          The more combos you can make with a single move, the more bonus points you can rack up on a level. Look for moves which will either make multiple matches at once, or cause the tiles above to fall down into more ready-made matches.




·          Power-ups carry over into the next round, so save them for when you really need help!




·          Artifact pieces move around the board as you make matches. Be careful not to make a match that would leave an artifact piece trapped in a corner.