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Ricochet Lost Worlds game


Break out of your routine!
Angle your Ion Sphere just right to ricochet your ball on a brick-busting mission! Collect cool power ups to slow the ball, get lasers, split balls, and much more. Avoid the nasty red power-ups but keep an eye out for hidden rings! Collect enough rings and you can earn an extra life.





Left-click to release your ball. The ball destroys bricks when it bounces into them.  Ricochet the ball off of your Ion Sphere (aka ship) to keep it in play.


Ricochet Lost Worlds





Catch falling power-ups to gain special abilities that will help you destroy more bricks but be careful…the red power-ups often work against you.


Ricochet Lost Worlds





Clear all the bricks on the screen to move on to the next level!


Ricochet Lost Worlds






  Tips and Strategies




·          Rings are valuable. Collect all the rings on a screen before destroying all the bricks to get an extra life.




·          All power-ups are worth points.  So if you're in a position, where a "bad" power-up won't negatively impact your game pick it up. The end of the game is a good example since power-ups do not carry over into the next round.




·          Spheres left on the screen are worth points so if you don't need them, try to leave as many as you can.  Specialty spheres are worth more points.