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  Ranch Rush 2 Tips and Strategies




·          Before each level starts, you see that day’s orders and the next. Review both. Fill the current day’s orders, and, if you’ve got plenty of time left on the Timer, prep a bit for the next day.




·          Always click ahead—that’s far ahead—so Sara fulfills all the day’s orders before the Timer runs out, and, hopefully, are fast enough to snag a cash bonus!




·          Three is the maximum number of crates, crabs, and coconuts Sara can carry. Sara does not need a crate to carry crabs or coconuts.




·          Always buy a little more so Sara can fill orders quickly.




·          Harvest slow-growing crops, like bananas and pomegranates, first.




·          Goats must eat three patches of wildflowers to make milk.




·          Place your goat pen far from the wildflowers. Whenever you send Sara to collect milk, the goat rushes its pen to stop her. Don’t let it to succeed!




·          Focus on harvesting the most profitable crops and goods on Market day.




·          The Timer pauses in Buy, Move, and Sell Modes. Use this to your advantage.




·          Cast your fishing line deep to try to reel in two or more fish in a row.




·          Always keep an eye out for the treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean. When it appears, see if you can hook, reel, and land it in the boat!